Totally Impressed with Bill Van Deman

By Mandy-Rae
In January 31, 2017


My name is Thomas and me and my wife recently took your Level 1 Freediving Course with Bill Van Deman in and around Gainsville. I’m not the type to write reviews and probably send around a dozen emails yearly but I had to send a note to tell you how totally impressed we were with the course and Bill.

If people who spend time in or on the water could comprehend the value of this course prior to participating, there’s not anyone who would not sign up. The course prepares you for situations that would certainly be fatal and gives you the abilities and confidence to handle them without panic or hesitation. It also gave me the mental ability to be able to better push myself in every day situations.

Bill was FANTASTIC! I’m sure we were not the easiest students and his patience must be without limits. He never gave up on us and never let us give up on ourselves. I can’t help but laugh when I think of how he sacrificed himself time and time again to drill the proper rescue techniques. Making certain that if we ever had a problem we would be completely ready. My wife went from being scared to do the pool work to diving to 33′ three times! I had problems do in part to congestion and fell just short of passing all of my open water skills but am determined to condition myself appropriately and try again soon.

Thanks again to you, your organization, and Bill. You should all take pride in knowing you have without question saved many, many lives with your program and training.

God Bless,

Thomas Crook

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