Shell Eisenberg
Email: shelbyeisenberg@yahoo.com
Facebook: Shell Eisenberg

Shell grew up in Santa Cruz, California. Though a frequent swimmer in Santa Cruz’s cold ocean and an admirer of the sea, she didn’t pursue freediving until moving to Oahu, Hawaii in 2009.

It was there that Shell’s fascination with the sea turned into something of an obsession. Swimming in Oahu’s clear water almost daily, Shell developed a passion and love for the ocean and all its creatures. With a desire to learn every type of fish, mollusk, coral, and alga beneath the surface, she gradually began to stay underwater longer and longer. “I cannot think of a place where I am happier than underwater.”

Shell first began exploring new depths when she was employed as an underwater photographer, capturing images of marine wildlife, primarily Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Green Sea Turtles, as well as photographing human swimmers.

Aspiring to dive deeper and stay down longer, Shell signed up for a PFI intermediate course. After the course, having reached 35 meters, her enthusiasm for depth grew and within a few months Shell was registered for the PFI Advanced course, where she dove 50 meters. Shell’s new depth and breath-hold abilities expanded and enhanced her daily underwater experiences. She went on to complete PFI’s professional programs, earning her Freediver Instructor certification.

“Freediving has given me so much, I felt it’d be very rewarding to teach and share freediving with others.”

Now, using the skills and techniques learned from PFI, Shell is continually increasing her depth and time underwater and looks forward to diving with you on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.