Past Pro Courses


Two weeks ago, Kirk and Mandy-Rae Krack teamed up with 12 RedBull Athletes in Santa Monica, CA. The athletes were not freedivers. They specialized in skiing, surfing, kiting, triathlons, and gaming. They focus was not dominated by maximum breath holding. Instead, these athletes were coached through intensive breathing techniques and repetitive breath holding to advance the individual's ability to manage stress and keep focus under pressure.

Learning to hold their breath allows these athletes to keep calm under pressure, stay focused on immediate physical tasks, make forward progress and support their goals by applying planned strategies.

PFI would like to thank Andy Walshe, Matt Christensen, Sean Hayes and the amazing crew at RedBull High Performance for an incredible opportunity to teach and train these expert athletes: Michelle Parker, Sarah Hendrickson, Bobby Brown, Kirsten Sweetland, Tatum Monod, Will Weisman, DK and Shaun Walsh, Michael Chaves, Aaron Colton, Jake Paul, and Alexander Debelov. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off!


This crew not only takes care of the Yacht and well-being of the passengers while on board, they are now qualified to provide and manage safety for freediving yacht owners and guest see!
The team went through a specialized hybrid course of the PFI Intermediate Freediver course and Safety Supervisor program. They learned how to problem solve and manage freediver hypoxic issues and develop freediver evacuation protocols for their Yacht.
Remember that the only way to ensure your own safety in the ocean whether enjoying a reef at 10m/33ft, spearing fish at 25m/80ft or depth training with counter-balances and lanyards to 60m/200ft, is to freedive with qualified, knowledgeable, and trained safety freedivers. After one week, this crew is ready to provide care and safety for freediving yacht owners and guests.