Pro's Take Action

This past February while PFI Professional members were training at a beach in the Kona, HI area.  They came upon someone in distress and jumped into action.  Below is an email Kirk Krack received shortly after the event.  Way to go everyone that was involved (Ted Harty, Carol Schrappe, Kirk Krack, John Hullverson, Chris Adair, Eiko Jones and Nathan Leazer)!

Dear Kirk,

Where do I start.
On Thursday February 16th my wife and I ended up at “The Place of Refuge”, what a fantastic place. As we were leaving we checked out the lagoon. There were a lot of people in the water and dolphins playing in the distance. We talked to someone there and I decided since I had my snorkel gear with me I would go in. Seemed like an ok idea.

I headed out and realized it was a bit further than I thought, plus I was not going in a straight line. By the time I got out there I was out of breath. I felt I needed to get back to shore as quick as I could. I didn’t feel like I was a bad swimmer but with the choppy water and current I was fighting an up hill battle. Needless to say I panicked. I probably did everything wrong in the situation I was in. I took on water, that didn’t help my lungs. I was exhausted and trying to find the quickest way to shore. I started yelling for help and it appeared it wasn’t coming. I had never felt so terrified in my life.

Out of nowhere someone said “do you need help” I said yes and he grabbed me, made me calm down and another person came out as well. They got me out of the water and laid me down. I was breathing heavily. I had very little color and I’m sure I wouldn’t have lasted much longer. They called in help and I went to the hospital.
I can truly say I would not be here today if it weren’t for those two guys. There was also a young lady with them as well.

At the hospital they ran some tests, had me on oxygen and because I was having some chest panes they ran an EKG. They sent the EKG to Oahu and the cardiologist wanted me there right away. They used life flight and sent me to Oahu. I went to the Cath lab and everything was fine. They said I had takosubo syndrome, basically a heart attack brought on by acute stress. There is no damage but it is serious, nonetheless.   My lungs are pretty beat up. I am walking and using a device to strengthen them with breathing exercises.

With all my calls for help it was your group that saved my life.  My wife noticed the PFI logo and just wanted to thank them.


Simon F