Instructor Level: Advanced Freediver Instructor and Freediver Instructor Trainer
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Company: Immersion Freediving (
Contact: and Phone: 954-324-4444

Ted Harty begin his underwater career working as a dive instructor at Tilden’s Scuba Center in 2005. He was a NAUI, PADI, and SSI Scuba Instructor. For 4 years, Ted was teaching scuba diving almost every day.

“I got a lot of experience teaching during those 4 years, and I believe it laid a good foundation for my career as a freediving instructor. I realized that every student learns differently, some respond well to humor, some students are visual learners, while others require regimented step-by-step instructions.”

Whenever Ted was on the boat and he didn’t have students to take care of, he would jump in with mask, fins, and snorkel.

“I’d often only have 5 minutes, but I loved being in the water without all my scuba gear. I could swim down to the sand at Sombrero Reef and hang out for a bit at 20ft. I wanted to learn how to stay down longer and dive deeper.”

In January of 2008, Ted took his first Performance Freediving International (PFI) course.

“I couldn’t believe how little I knew about freediving. As a Scuba Instructor I knew more about diving physics and physiology than the average Joe, but I knew nothing about freediving safety. After 4 days I went from a 2:15 breath hold to 5:15 breath hold. I was hooked!”

“After that course I became obsessed with freediving. I took the instructor course in 2009, and started working for PFI. I was luckily enough to travel around with Kirk and Mandy and teach tons of courses with them, and gained invaluable experience.”

Noticeable freediving accomplishments:
• 1st place finish PFI Competition Breathless 2009
• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2011
• Broke longest standing USA Freediving record during 2011 Freediving World Championships in Itatly, with a dynamic apnea swim of 170M
• Trained with William Trubridge and Sara Cambell in 2012
• Selected to be Captain of the 2012 USA Freediving Team during World Championships
• Constant weight dive of 85M (279ft) in 2012
• Trained with Goran Colak in 2014
• 1st place finish PFI Competition Deja Blue 2014

I teach classes year round in Fort Lauderdale through my company Immersion Freediving. I max my courses out at 5 people per class, and run the courses on my private boat. I hire Coast Guard captains, have First Aid and 02 kits just like a dive boat, but none of the hassle and crowds.