Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor
Location: Belfast, Maine, USA

My love for the ocean began at an early age, even though I was raised in Southern New Mexico. My first live experience with the sea was not until 2001, when I moved to the state of Maine. I knew from this moment on that the ocean would become a vital anchor in my life. Shortly after moving to Maine I became scuba certified. However, due to the high cost of scuba equipment, scuba diving was out of reach. Nevertheless, I would go snorkeling without a wetsuit in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean often. Needless to say, I became quite familiar with being cold! I joined the navy in 2008 and experienced “warm” water for the first time during long training swims in San Diego Bay. In 2009, I transferred to Pensacola Florida for Aviation Rescue Swimmer School. During my time in Florida I was introduced to spearfishing and free diving. In the later part of 2009, I moved back to San Diego and pursued freediving and spearing enthusiastically. My desire to become a proficient freediver grew and eventually I found myself being drawn to teach others. Later that same year I moved to Guam and discovered what real warm water is. On Guam I met my two dive partners and together we started our spearfishing team, Leagues Deep. I eventually made the sojourn to Hawaii to learn to be an instructor with PFI.I have recently parted ways with the navy and am enjoying the cold waters of New England again.