Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor and Assistant Intermediate Freediver Instructor
Location: San Fransisco, CA, USA
Contact: 510-427-2049 Email:
Website: (that’s a zero in fl0w)

Robert H Lee is a research fellow in Law, Science & Technology at Stanford Univeristy. He has worked both as an entrepreneur and a technology lawyer in Silicon Valley. He has served as CEO of Fly Online, an e-commerce portal that was acquired by Travelzoo, and VP of Intellevate, a legal process outsourcing company that was acquired by CPA Global. Robert has his JD/MBA (law and business) from UC Berkeley (where he is also minored in EECS) and his BS/BA (biochemistry and philosophy) from Yale University.

Robert regularly speaks at business and legal conferences, and has been a guest speaker at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, UC Berkeley’s law and business schools, and Google, among other entities. He has authored a report on the legal outsourcing industry and a paper on exercise physiology and is a member of the CA and US patent bars. Robert is also an instructor with Performance Freediving.