Nate Leazer

Level: Freediver Instructor
Location: Northern Virgina
Contact: (703) 753-1127

Some of my most vivid childhood memories were of being in the ocean, and that love of the water has influenced me a lot throughout my life.” Since then Nate has spent as much time as he could in, or on the water.

He began diving in 2007 while in college, eventually leading him to obtain professional certifications with several agencies: SDI/ERDI, & SSI while working part time at Coral Edge Adventures. Nate also is a state certified EMT, naturally leading him to becoming a DAN Instructor. He turned his love of diving into a part of his Law Enforcement career, as both a diver on the Underwater Search and Recovery Team, as well as the team’s SCUBA instructor.

He was first introduced to structured freediving in late 2015, with Ren and Ashley Chapman, and on one of his sessions he performed a static 5:32, and fell in love with the sport. In 2016 he took the Intermediate Freediver program with Ted Harty; Nate then decided after that he not only wanted to teach, but compete. He went back to Ted for additional training and in early 2017 and went through the Advanced Freediver and Freediver Instructor program with Kirk Karck.

Nate is currently the Freediving Instructor at Coral Edge Adventures in Virginia and is working towards becoming a competitive Freediver; as well as, sharing his love of the water with his wife and daughter.