PFI Announces China Division with Jessea Lu

By Mandy-Rae
In November 20, 2016

November 17, 2016 – Performance Freediving International (PFI) announces the development of a regional division in China  (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) in partnership with champion freediver and PFI Instructor Trainer Jessea Wenjie Lu.jessa1

Lu, who holds twenty Chinese national freediving records across all competitive disciplines, has energized the Chinese freediving community in recent years as she has steadily compiled medals in elite competitions around the world.  In 2016, Lu brought the first international freediving pool competition to China and has taught PFI freediving classes across the region.

“China has some of the most eager and enthusiastic freedivers in the world and we are thrilled to be able to offer our system of education to students there” said Kirk Krack, the CEO and founder of Performance Freediving International. “Jessea has done such an amazing job, not only in her own development as a world-class athlete, but also as a top notch instructor.  She’s a true leader and someone who gets things done.  She has been jesseainstrumental in developing interest in our sport in China and beyond, and we expect she will continue to inspire as she expands the PFI curriculum and presence in the region.”

Lu, who holds a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics from Indiana University School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Peking University appreciates the quality and depth of Performance Freediving curriculum.   “I’ve been fortunate to have come up through the PFI educational system and the things I’ve been able to achieve are a testament to the power of our program” said Lu. “I’ve been able to do things I imagined were impossible, and I really love sharing that feeling of accomplishment with my students.”

As PFI’s Regional Director in China, Lu will be coordinating PFI’s freedive courses, from entry level through professional level, in the region in 2017 and beyond, as well as continuing to  organize freedive competitions and events to further engage the area’s freedivers.

Performance Freediving International, founded in 2000, has been a pioneer in the development of training and safety in the sport of freediving.  With certified instructors worldwide, PFI’s mission is to help students “Explore Your Potential Safely Through Education.”



  1. Awesome and inspiring news! Congratulations to PFI and to Jessea Lu, and to the future freedivers of China!

  2. I loved the PFI program, and the level of attention students got from the instructors. In only a few short days your limitations, or the ones you thought you had are shattered and you get to begin exploring in a very safe situation what’s possible.
    I was fortunate enough to get to do the program with Kirk krack, Jessea Lu and John hullverson in Hawaii and I definitely plan to continue that.
    Congrats PFI and Jessea Lu, both are an inspiration.

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