Pathway to Instructor Trainer

We understand many people would like to move up the PFI ladder and become and instructor trainer.  We are excited and want to make this option available for everyone.  Therefore, PFI has taken the time to understand the environmental restrictions and locations people have. If you would like to become an Freediver Instructor Trainer, you no longer need to be an Advanced Instructor. (Advanced Instructor still applies to become an Intermediate Instructor Trainer)

We have separated the Safety Freediver and Freediver Supervisor, which has made the ability to have the Pro Package in areas one cannot teach the Advanced course in for safety/visibility reasons. To meet the new requirements, a candidate must be an Active Intermediate Instructor, then will take the Safety/Supervisor Instructor course and the Instructor Trainer course. The Safety/Supervisor Instructor requires 1 additional audit while the Instructor Trainer course requires 2 audits.


The Safety/Supervisor Instructor and Instructor Trainer courses will coincide while running a Pro Package course.  In addition to these courses, you will be required to become a DAN First Aid for Professional Divers Instructor, which will also be taught at the same time.

We encourage everyone to ask questions and give feedback. PFI is excited!