PFI is a Freedive Certification agency with instructors all over the world who teach PFI's system of Freedive Training. PFI Headquarters recruits some of these instructors to teach programs offered by PFI. These instructors are known as PFI staff instructors.

Chris Bustad


Level: Lead Staff Instructor, Training and Education Manager
Phone: 1-866-388-6595 ext. 703

Born and raised in Washington state, Chris has lived on both sides of the mountains. After high school, he joined the U.S. Coast Guard and served both as an Electrician’s Mate and as a Cutter Rescue Swimmer. In 2004, Chris became a certified scuba diver and went on to become a Divemaster.

In 2006, he attended the Diver’s Institute of Technology in Seattle where he was class president and graduated at the top of his class. Chris worked for three years as a commercial diver and then decided to spend more time at home. While working at a local dive shop, and in search of a personal challenge to add to his life, he found freediving. After freediving with buddies and researching the sport, Chris knew he needed formal training. After reviewing every freediving agency, he knew PFI fit his philosophy and style the best.

In the fall of 2012, Chris took PFI’s Intermediate Freediver course. The following June, he took it as a refresher. Thoroughly impressed by all of the instructors, Chris knew he wanted to be part of the PFI family. Kirk Krack invited him to Hawaii for the Advanced, Safety Supervisor, Assistant Instructor, and Instructor Exam. Chris signed up immediately.




Level: Freediver, Intermediate, BHSS and assistant Advanced
Location: Portland, Maine 

Despite being raised in Southern New Mexico, Ryan's love for the ocean began at an early age. His first experience with the sea was not until 2001, when he moved to Maine. From that moment, he knew the ocean would be a vital anchor in his life and he soon became scuba certified. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of scuba equipment, the sport was out of reach for him. Instead, he went snorkeling (with no wetsuit) in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean where cold became his friend. In 2008, he joined the Navy and experienced “warm” water for the first time during long training swims in San Diego Bay. The following year, Ryan transferred to Pensacola, Florida for Aviation Rescue Swimmer School. It was there that he was introduced to spearfishing and freediving and, upon his return to San Diego, he enthusiastically pursued both. It wasn't long before Ryan knew he wanted to teach others. After a move to Guam (where he discovered what real warm water is), he met his two dive partners and they started a spearfishing team, Leagues Deep. Ryan did his PFI Instructor training in Hawaii, parted ways with the Navy, and is again enjoying the cold waters of New England. After 5 years with PFI,  he's excited to offer his expertise to others who are interested in learning this dynamic and challenging sport.