PFI has been hosting one of the longest running annual AIDA Freediving competitions.  The first competition ran in Grand Cayman over 12-years ago.  For the last 8-years this competition has been called Deja Blue.

One thing that sets Deja Blue apart from most other competitions is that it includes Static, Dynamic (with and without fins), Constant Weight, Constant No-Fins, and Free Immersion.  Athletes get to choose how many and which disciplines they want to do.  Over the years we have seen many World and national records fall during this annual event.  In the last few years there has also been a Kids Competition added so that we can start to build future generations of Freedivers.

The safety at Deja Blue is set to a higher standard then any other competition.  On top of the standard counterbalanced lines and lanyards all of our Safety Freedivers have achieved certification as PFI Supervisor Freedivers and have taken the Code Course.  These Freedivers also amke sue of Technical Freediving and have a scooter safety down on every dive.  We at least one but usually 3 EMT or ER/Trama Doctors as part of our staff.  Grand Cayman has a full hospital with hyperbaric facilities just minutes from the pools or dive location. We also use Saftey Scuba Divers (rebreather divers) who have been specially trained to keep an eye on the Freedivers all the way to maximum depth (no other AIDA competition does this anymore).

This is the perfect event for everyone from people entering their first competition to Freedivers who set World Records.  Deja Blue becomes your new Water Tribe, your family.  Everyone is there to help you have the best time and best personal performances.  So do wait any longer, sign up for Deja Blue 2018 now!

Deja Blue II – 2011 Deja Blue – 2010
Live and let Dive – 2007
Diver Down 2005