Paralenz is the next best diving camera on the market.  While PFI was at DEMA in Orlando FL, Lead instructor Chris Bustad made the introduction between the company Paralenz and PFI.  He quickly noted how the camera was compact, streamline and will fit kindly in your hand.  While Chris opts not to use the mask mount, it does come with the ability to do so.  Among many other great qualities, he was thoroughly impressed with the depth recorder.  As lead instructor and safety Chris is constantly videoing students and competitors throughout their dives.  This feature allows Chris to playback video, showing students exactly where and at what depth they can improve on certain techniques such as relaxation, visualization and equalization to help increase their dive abilities.  The Paralenz camera has a diving history log and graph, therefore when the memory card is plugged into a computer the log charts of each days history will also download.  The computer comes with many settings including shooting in 4K, custom snap and video, having battery lasting up to 4 hours and will fit almost all GoPro mounts-therefore you do not have to by new accessories.   

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