Cayman Island provides many wonderful training opportunities and travel adventures for our athletes. During our years of traveling here, PFI has picked up on a few tips we want to share:

  • Communication can be tough, especially if you do not have unlimited data. To make this easier on our athletes throughout the competition, we will be using the app called Slack.
  • Most shops, pharmacies, and public stores including grocery stores will all be closed on Sundays. 
  •  Our month in Cayman can lead to a lot of food waste. It is important to know who you are rooming with and plan meals together. Most people end up splitting food costs and/or sharing food by the end of the trip.  
  • Macabuca is a restaurant next door to the condos and a common place we hang out, share drinks, and unwind from the hard day of training. There are Monday night buffets and bands playing every week.
  • There isn't a lot of down time, but during the two days we have off everyone seems to be diving. There are a lot of caves to check out, as well as the Kittiwake ship wreck. You can also schedule own adventures through Duncan.