Kirk Krack Batman?


Is that PFI's own Kirk Krack in the makeup room getting ready for his role as a stunt double for Batman in the underwater scenes in this summer's SUICIDE SQUAD movie?  
You bet your Batmobile it is!

Kirk trained Margot Robie for her underwater role and when the director realized Kirk's underwater abilities (and Ben Afleck-like jawline), he asked Kirk if he'd like to double for Batman in an underwater stunt scene with Margot Robie!


Kirk had to check his calendar (for about a nanosecond) before accepting to the offer, and KAPOW!! the next thing you know, he was in the makeup chair being immersed in liquid latex goo being fitted for his very own Batman Mask!

That's Kirk under all that goo!!!

In case you haven't seen the movie, here's Margot Robie talking with Jimmy Fallon about her time training with "Captain Kirk"

…and in other News…Kirk is now writing a monthly article for DIVER MAGAZINE on freediving topics.  DIVER MAGAZINE is North America’s longest established Dive magazine.  

Stay tuned for Kirk's article on Technical Freediving in DIVER Magazine's next issue!