Jessea Lu


PFI Instructor Jessea Lu tops 8 MINUTES with new National Static Breath-hold Record!!!  (Then 2 more National Records at the World Chapionships!)

Well, she's at it again! After setting a new Chinese National Record with a 7:01 Static breathhold (STA) at PFI's Deja Blue 7 Competition in May, PFI's own Jessea Lu obliterated that record with an astounding 8:01 STA performance at the International Freediving Championships in Beijing in August--a competition she organized and ran, and won!  Then, just days later, Jessea broke two more  Chinese national records with a 72 meter Constant weight (CWT) dive and a truly world class 200 meter Dynamic Apnea (DYN) dive at the AIDA Team World Championships in September. Jessea is truly amazing and who knows, she may be closing in on world records in both STA and DYN!!!   If you've got 8 minutes to kill, grab yourself a sandwich and watch Jessea's impressive static performance! here!