Jessea Lu
Phone:  317-702-6679
Facebook: Jessea Lu (please mention subject: Diving Class)

“Diving takes priority!” In discussing her path of becoming a scuba diver, a skydiver, and now a freediving instructor, Jessea says “The ability to break through the boundaries set by gravity makes me feel insanely free and happy. Although there are times when I had no money or family support, I managed to keep diving … and I make sure that I learn everything about safety seriously so that I can enjoy diving for a life time.”

Jessea obtained a PhD. degree in Medicine in 2011 and moved to Hawaii to embrace her relationship with the sea. She became a PFI instructor in 2014. Consistent with the philosophy of her training, Jessea takes a scientific and personal approach to coaching and mentoring students.

“Good breathing and relaxation techniques alone tripled my breath-hold time with a static apnea of 6:20 minutes within the first four months of my freediving training. Now I teach students the same techniques at the beginning of every class, because mastery in relaxation and sustained mental tranquility serve a solid foundation for all trainings in freediving and it extends to improve performance of many other disciplines in their everyday life.”

Jessea has published a number of peer-reviewed, original research articles on human biology. She brings her biomedical expertise in discussing the physiological and psychological effects of freediving.

“Like marine mammals, humans have the genetic makeup that enables us to adapt to the aquatic environment. Some of the adaptations we achieve through proper in-water breath-holding exercises have a positive influence on our health. And it can be trained!”

Spearfishing, underwater photography, and animal gazing are Jessea’s off- time recreation. She travels, competes, and teaches diving in two languages--English and Chinese.

2015 was a break-out year for Jessea when she set Chinese National Records in Free Immersion, Constant Weight, Constant No-Fins, Static, Dynamic, and Dynamic No-Fins.