Ian Almasi
Phone: 425-923-9824
Email: ianalmasi@gmail.com
Facebook: Ian Almasi

For Ian, it took a lot of conviction to make his passion a lifestyle. For a long time, dive shop employees had no idea what the sport was and kept telling him, “There is no point in doing that.” Despite being shot down, he didn’t quit. Right before he left home to travel, he stumbled across the opportunity to take a PFI course in his home state of Washington. He jumped at the chance. 

While traveling in Chile, Ian connected with the Solo Apnea Freediving team and they changed his life forever. They were in the middle of preparing for a competition so he was able to get a lot of intense training in. Soon after, he entered his first depth competition on the north coast of Colombia and was blown away by how fast progress comes with proper safety and consistency in training. He doubled his personal bests and placed third in the competition. He knew that the solid foundation built with PFI methods was what led to his success. 

Bitten by the competition bug, Ian entered Deja Blue. Surrounded by PFI professionals, Ian realized PFI was the organization that lined up most closely to his beliefs about training and safety. So, he took the leap to become a PFI Instructor. Ian knows not everyone wants to compete, and that's just fine. Freediving is a sport where everyone can find their own niche of happiness and he can't wait to see you in the water.