Freediving Camp

cayman camp freediving

Yes, this Freediving camp is as much fun as it is valuable.

Each week consists of six depth sessions (one shore and 5 boat), scooter Freediving, train constant weight, free immersion, no-fins or variable ballast dives, unlimited static sessions, and the possibility of some fun excursions around the island (diving the Kittywake or Stingray City are just a couple examples). People from all over the world travel to Grand Cayman in order to train, form friendships, and explore their potential. Anyone who participates, sees dramatic improvement during their first couple of dives, and as the week goes on PBs are set all over the place. 

The freedive training camp is one week long and is for certified Freedivers of all levels (proof of certification is required). We encourage everyone to have fun. Boat fees are included in the cost of the camp. There is great shore diving right out from of Coconut Bay where the staff stay during the camp.

At PFI, we want to make our divers as comfortable as possible. Training and competing with us means you get white glove service. You wake up relaxed, get into the boat without any logistical hassle or travel worry. The crew gets up early to warm up, practice safety protocol, and make sure everything is prepared for you and your fellow athletes. Your only job is to show up and focus on your dives. After diving, you are escorted back to the condos for a break to rest, eat, and relax. Meanwhile, the crew breaks down equipment, unloads and edits footage for video review, and prepares for other activities or the next day's dives. The video review sessions are offered daily for those who want to participate. It is highly encouraged! Video is a tool for you to see your technique and form in a new perspective. There is a lot to understand and learn, and video is an incredibly efficient teaching method. 

Grand Cayman Island is the perfect place to host a Freediving Camp. The water is warm, clear, and perfect for exploring. Come see for yourself!

What to bring to your Freediving Camp

  • mask, snorkel, fin(s)

  • weight belt and or neck weight (we can help you make your own neck weight during the camp)

  • lanyard

  • freedive computer

Camp Schedule

  • Arrive on island the day/evening before the camp starts. Fly into the Grand Cayman Airport (GCM)

  • Diving will happen each day at about 9am, usually from West bay Dock.  The instructor will confirm with each participant the night before with departure time and location.

  • You can depart the island any time after 6pm on the last day of the camp or the day after.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1: Shore Dive Acclimation

Day 2: Boat Training Session #1 

Day 3: Boat Training Session #2 / Evening Potluck Dinner 

Day 4: Morning Static / Afternoon Boat Adventure / Day Off (extra cost for boat adventure if you take part)

Day 5: Boat Training Session #3

Day 6: Boat Training Session #4

Day 7: Boat Training Session #5 / Wrap-Up Party

Local Area Travel Recommendations

  • There are many hotels around West Bay and Seven Mile Beach.  PFI staff will be staying at Coconut Bay in West bay.  If you would like to stay there too please contact Duncan Heard at

  • There are 2 rooms in the staff condo available to rent as well.  If you would like to find out more about reserving one of these rooms please email

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