I am encouraging all my surfer friends to take the class.

By Mandy-Rae
In October 27, 2016

Hey, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great job chris Bustadt and mike Avery did at our recent breath hold surf survival course. They are both great instructors, and as I told them, especially during the open water sessions I never felt as if I was gonna die ????
Even though I did not hold my breath for more than 3 min, I did get to 12m and feel that calm down there. As chris said…”see, the water is your friend”
I am a physician and I know that myself and the other physician in class felt the teaching, the physics and physiology were right on. Great curriculum!!!
Thanks again.
I am encouraging all my surfer friends to takepool the class.

Geoffrey K Turner M.D.
Frankfort Michigan

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