Ed Harris
Email:  harrisoblp@yahoo.com

Ed Harris (the ocean guy, not the actor) has quite the waterman skills. He has been a San Diego, California Lifeguard Sergeant/Dive Team Leader/ Level I, II, III Boat Operator/Instructor for most of his career. A former member of the U.S. Marine Corps, Ed and his superior safety skills have been trusted to lead missions for search and rescue recovery, special operations. Ed has also worked in movies and television and for high profile water safety and recovery. Ed has a longstanding love and affinity for the ocean. With a great respect for its power, he chose to further his education as a Freediver Instructor and has allowed his staff of lifeguards to be awarded an educational grant to take the PFI Intermediate Freediving course. An outstanding member of his community who deeply believes in water safety, Ed has won multiple Medal of Valors and Lifeguard of the Year Awards.