Dan Semrad
Phone:  503-724-1501

With a curiosity for the natural world, Dan has always loved being in and around the water. His dive career started with scuba; he was so hooked on his new ability to explore the underwater world that, within two years, he became a NAUI instructor. During that time, he discovered spearfishing and the world of freediving. He was pursuing freedive education at the same time that the NAUI/PFI alliance started, so he went through the first instructor training to be offered through the collaboration.

In addition to being a freediving and scuba instructor, Dan is a professional educator with a bachelors degree in biology and a masters degree in education.  As a high school teacher, he has developed a program that allows students to take a science class during their school day in which they can earn science credit, college credit, and dive certifications.

Dan works tirelessly to build and support his local freediving community, and his passion spurred him to open the first freedive specific shop in Oregon.  As a regular contributor to NAUI Sources magazine, he educates readers about the world of freediving and the possibilities available through the PFI collaboration.  In 2017, Dan was honored to receive the Outstanding Contribution to Diving award from NAUI.

As a biologist, sustainability is very important to Dan. Through his shop, he has developed spearfishing training that provides students with the knowledge of how to be successful and safe while retaining consideration for our marine environment in order to minimize the impact that humans have as consumers of this invaluable resource.