Become a PFI Professional

Are you ready to take your Freediving to a new level? Do you want to be able to supervise Freedivers in the pool and open water? Take Freedivers on dive trips? Are you ready to introduce others to the sport you love? If you answer YES to any of these questions then you are ready to become a PFI professional.

Why2How would you feel knowing that 100% of instructors going through their program passed? Are instructor trainers that amazing and their students that good? Or are the standards and requirements that easy and loose? Is the instructor trainer that worried about hurting someone’s feelings that they don’t like to put a candidate on hold for more training? The 100% pass rate in our opinion isn’t training, it’s going through the motions.

Many PFI Instructor candidates at the end of the program require additional training. This isn’t because they’re weak candidates upon entering the program, to the contrary. It’s because our expectations and requirements are very high, very strict and we feel it’s in the best interest of the candidate and their future students to be 100% ready.

Now what does it mean if you’re not on the completion side of the roster? For most it means an ‘audit’. This means that all is good, but we feel that you could use the experience of watching and assisting with a full course from start to finish. Audits have very specific requirements and are very active for the 20141202-IMG_7361instructor candidate.  Audits can also mean fulfilling specific capacity requirements, skills dives, and stress tests (what does that mean? Only our instructor candidates will ever know and only discuss it with each other) or other aspects of the certification requirements. Lastly, some candidates may be required to go through the complete Freediver Instructor program again. This isn’t for our monetary benefit. We allow a 2nd redo at no charge (less travel expenses, etc…). It is for the benefit of that instructor candidate. It is so the candidate isn’t released onto the world unwittingly. You will come out knowing that you are one of the best Freediving Instructors in the industry!

The steps to becoming a PFI Professional are:

Then you keep learning and earning higher Instructor Ratings

20141203-IMG_8234Many people choose to take the professional courses consecutively. Because of this we offer two package pricing options. One is Advanced Through to Instructor and the other is from Safety Supervisor through to Instructor.