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Chris Adair

Phone:  250-213-7107

Chris has been surrounded by outdoor adventures his entire life. Growing up in Victoria, British Columbia, he has taken the opportunity to immerse himself in surfing, back country skiing, biking, hiking, spearing, and diving. From an early age Chris was drawn to the water.  He is scuba certified, but prefers being in the water without tanks. Living up north Chris is what people would can call a “hardcore diver,” venturing outside when the temperatures are below freezing and diving in water that doesn't feel much warmer. His love of diving inspired him to research how to train in a safer, skilled, and more educated way, ultimately leading him to becoming an instructor for PFI.

Chris founded Bottom Dwellers Freediving, a PFI certified educational company, which runs boat charters for freediving and spearfishing. His company has rental gear packages for appropriate cold-water wetsuits and more.  Alongside teaching the fundamentals and skills needed to be safe and efficient divers, Chris has a passion for respecting the ocean that is contagious. He resources food for family and friends from the ocean while understanding the global impact of hunting.  Chris's goal is to educate others not only in diving, but in how to be more conscious of the actions we take as hunters.