PFI Breath-Hold Survival Programs encompass a number of programs that all revolve around breath-holding as a survival specific skill. This may be for water enthusiasts playing in potentially dangerous environments such as surfers, big-wave surfers, kayakers, ocean swimmers, etc. or targeted for working divers also engaged in potentially hazardous water environments such as swift water rescue personnel, coast guard rescue swimmers, commercial divers, police/fire department marine rescue or evidence recovery units as well as rescue

A variation of these programs have been developed as a non-water environment where participants may find themselves using breathing systems that require a calm and relaxed breathing pattern to control panic and increase duration or where toxic fumes without respiratory gear may require survival breath-holds.

Lastly these programs also are customized to military special operation personnel working in tactical environments where breath-hold as a tactical option or WTSHTF and surfacing is an even more dangerous option may be required. Putting the frog back in the frog man is the goal here.

General topics may include:

  • Safety and problem management for breath-holding and practice sessionrbgroup photo
  • Proper breathing control and respiratory muscles
  • Physics and physiology of breath-hold survival
  • Specialized equipment for training and practice
  • Dry and wet training programs
  • Equalizing and water efficiency

Find Out More about Each of the Breath-Hold Survival Programs (make each a link to the specific course)

Breath-Hold Surf Survival

Breath-Hold Special Operations