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Ashleigh Baird
Instagram:  Deep Leigh

Born and raised in Central Florida, Ashleigh grew up spending her summer days exploring the state’s beaches, keys, and freshwater springs. Although a water lover from the start, it wasn’t until 2009 that she discovered freediving and took her first class with PFI.

“I was blown away by how much we learned in the course, and after seeing my breath-hold triple within a few days I was hooked.”

Ashleigh went on to take the Advanced course later that year, and in 2011 began competing in order to safely reach greater depths. She has been a certified Freediver Instructor since 2012 and has remained active in the competitive community, representing USA in two Team World Championships as well as participating in several other local and international pool and depth competitions.

Currently living near High Springs, Florida, Ashleigh now spends her free time sharing the unmatched beauty of the state’s freshwater springs with friends and family, and has become a vocal advocate for springs protection and freshwater conservation.

Stats: 75m CWT, 5:38 STA