Apnea Walks

By Mandy-Rae
In February 15, 2018

Apnea walks can help increase our CO2 tolerance and help us find the flow in our energy consumption.  As freedivers it is ideal to use as little energy as possible while still being efficient in our dives.  Participating in a three part apnea walk will help find a balance of what muscle groups to prioritize, what muscles to relax as well as finding the right pace for your O2 consumption.

Safety note, all apnea training should be done where you nor anyone else life will be in danger, this means not waking near freeways, driving in cars, riding a bike on the freeway.


Three part apnea walks breaks down by speed.  The first walk is based upon timing, as you track the time also track your distance. The goal is to use as little energy as possible.  The second walk is used to speed walk or lightly jog, once again notice the time and the distance.  The purpose of this walk is to show how much more O2 we use when our muscles are tense and working harder then needed.  Lastly the goal of the third walk is to find a happy medium.  Find a pace that is both comfortable and energy efficient for you breath hold.  Notice the time and distance.  Compare and contrast all three.  Notice as you get more comfortable in your training if you can push your pace, timing and distance.  Track your in your dive log and see your potential grow.


Be safe and happy training.


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