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Experience Counts! Performance Freediving International (PFI) is the longest running Freedive Certification agency in North America and second longest world-wide.  Since its formation in 2000, PFI instructors have taught more than 10,000 people to Freedive Safer, Longer and Deeper.  A letter from PFI founder, Kirk Krack, explains in-depth what sets PFI’s instructors apart from all the others out there.  Read the full document here.

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PFI offers multifaceted educational Freediving and Breath-Hold Survival courses targeted at snorkelers, Freedivers, Spearfishers, Surfers, Special Operations Teams and Rescue Teams. Because individuals of different experience levels and different interests require different training, PFI offers a variety of courses and training levels. Please visit our Courses Page to find a course that suits your needs.


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PFI Instructors are a rare bread. They not only have incredible diving skills (with many holding national or World Records) but they are exceptional instructors (read some of testimonials from past students) who are approachable and will make the course something you will remember for a lifetime! They are the best in the field to learn from and can be found world-wide.

Proof Is In The Pudding: Testimonials

In the twelve years since PFI’s inception and the seventeen years since its first concept was developed, we continue to be the industry leader in the sport and recreation of Freediving.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for doing the breath class! It definitely helped me two days ago. I was doing full diaphragm breathing in 2 bad zones i found myself in. I got slammed and it help me relax and be really confident in what was going on around me under water. I cant stress enough how much just doing that class may help us progress our sport. I just need to keep up with the exercises or do another class haha! Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you very much!

Ian Walsh - Pro Surfer

Your class was more than I imagined it would be. Your professionalism and enthusiasm showed in the results of almost all of our class reaching personal bests of 100ft or more. Without your help and instruction we would never have been able to learn how to be better divers and safer divers.

Daryl Wong - Spearguns

As a physician and freediver spear-fisherman with 24+ years of experience, I was very impressed ... I consider myself a better freediver and I raise my standards about safety to a maximum level.

Erick Salado

From the bottom of my heart ... thank you. I am sure your class has saved many, many lives.

Sheri Daye

I had a great time and learned WAY more than I expected to ... The course was a perfect balance of safety, education, technique, and FUN.

Andrew Dalgleish

They really love their sport and it shows ... the thanks go to the staff of Performance Freediving and the instruction that made that 100 foot dive possible.

James Flenner