Thanks again for the course!

By Mandy-Rae
In June 2, 2016

Hi Mandy-Rae,

I’m writing with some very positive feedback for Andrew and Missy. The course went far beyond my expectations primarily because of the instructors.

First, since they both spear, it was great to be able to ask them fishing specific questions. Everyone in the class except one person was is a spearfisher, so it was beneficial for everyone.

Second, I was having a tough time of equalizing and was falling behind some of the other guys. This was partly because I was wearing a brand new 7mm (not a great choice), but also because my technique was terrible coming into the class. Andrew was patient and kept coaching me with great advice, improving my depth significantly. Missy was very encouraging and helped me mentally focus. In the end I made it to 15 meters, which was at least 15 feet deeper than I’d ever gone.

Thanks again for the course!

Karl G

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