Thank You Again For An Amazing Experience

By Mandy-Rae
In November 30, 2015

Thank you for an incredible experience with PFI’s Intermediate Freediver course in Kona.

I first learned about freediving from my brother, a competitive freediver and friend and fan of PFI. As I am very at home in the water, I was intrigued with the techniques, but a bit intimidated by thoughts of diving deep. And not being very competitive by nature, intimidated also by the “numbers” — breath-hold timing and depth goals.

Curiosity and a desire to improve my underwater performance won out, and I signed up for the Intermediate Freediver course. I was overwhelmed by the professionalism, experience and patience of Chris and Charles, and overall depth of knowledge, experience and technique Kirk has brought to freediving.

The instructors clearly communicated the mountain of information taught in the classroom sessions, and I could not have felt more safe in the water, relaxed and eager to hone my safety and performance techniques in the pool and at depth.

I had some difficulty clearing my ears at depth the first two ocean sessions, and was supported by Chris and Charles to make my way slowly and set my intentions for each dive. It all came together in the third session, and I was pleased to comfortably hang out at 25m, knowing I have the capacity for more.

In addition to safety, technical mastery and professionalism, the instructors created an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. This allowed us as students from various backgrounds to support each other and be relaxed in an intense learning environment.

Since the course ended, I have enjoyed practicing the techniques in and out of the pool and looking for ways to get back into deep water. Thank you again for an amazing experience.

Cynthia Lapp

Cynthia took part in the Nov 2015 Intermediate course in Kona, HI.  Next Intermediate course there is Feb 27- March 1, 2016.  Register now!

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