Whitney has been spearfishing for 17 years and freediving for about 10 years, mostly in the Hawaiian Islands. He has devoted my life to traveling, spearing and diving around the Globe, including places like the Philippines, Baja, Honduras, Caribbean, Gulf of mexico off Oil rigs and even the freshwaters of Arkansas, Arizona, and Florida.

Whitney says that some of his most interesting freediving has been with many of the largest animals in the ocean, sperm and humpback whales, tiger sharks, makos, bull sharks, manatees and many more!

He join up with PFI in 2009 taking my first intermediate class in the Caymans. He says that he was so impressed with what he learned from Kirk and Mandy he knew he had to continue on.

Whitney became an instructor for PFI in 2010, completing his coursework under Kirk with Supervision from Erin in Kona.

“Freediving gives me the freedom I never could enjoy with scuba,” Whitney says.

He also holds a Divemaster certification with PADI as well, and has been scubadiving for 15 years. But he says he likes freediving much better!!! “I love to Freedive and I love to put fish on the table for my family and friends,” he says.

He finally settled in Maui after many years of traveling and moving around. He and his wife Ruby started a freedive and spearfishing shop where we teach people how to dive deeper safer by teaching and selling the highest quality gear on the market. His dive shop is called Blue Water Inc.

Whitney can be contacted at: