Sheri Daye is an accomplished spearfisherwoman who has always been attached to the sea. Early on, she became interested in scuba diving and attained Open Water, Rescue, Nitrox, Deep Air, Mixed Gas, and Trimix certifications — logging over 2,000 dives and making many dives over 250 feet deep.

Sheri then became interested in Freedive Spearfishing and took several courses from PFI, attaining over a 4 minute static breathhold, enabling her to spearfish in 100 feet of water. She went on to compete and won the Women’s Freedive Spearfishing National Championship title in 2006, along with a few other tournaments and titles. Sheri has speared over a dozen world record fish, and her catches include a yellowfin tuna at 179-pounds and the African Pompano at 44-pounds (also breaking the men’s record).

Having hunted in many different areas, Sheri is proficient with a variety of techniques. She has extensive experience in bluewater hunting in the open ocean, reef and wreck hunting in the strong currents of Florida, deep diving for elusive fish in Hawaii, rig diving in the muddy waters off Louisiana, kelp diving in California, and slinging and polespearing in the Bahamas.

Sheri is the host of the popular TV show “Speargun Hunter” on Outdoor Channel, now in its fourth season, which showcases different types of spearfishing in a variety of locations. She also organizes and hosts “The Blue Wild Spearfishing Expo” in Florida — an annual event with proceeds to charity.

Sheri is a corporate manager with a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA. She hold several patents and is a co-inventor of the Freediver Recovery Vest, currently under development. She actively promotes “Dive Flag Awareness” and “Freediver Blackout Education”. Sheri spearheaded the effort of developing a “Safe Spearfishing Protocol” — with the help of Kirk Krack and Daryl Wong.

Sheri has been profiled in Jeep Magazine, Greek Deep Magazine, a Russian Spearfishing Magazine, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, South Florida Adventures, Hawaii Skin Diver, Spearfishing Magazine (Spearo of the Year in 2005), Apnea Magazine, and on NBC News. She serves as a member on the Board of the two world-record keeping organizations, IUSA and IBSRC, and she is on the Advisory Board for Oceanic Safety Systems and DiveWise.

With spearfishing, her goal is to encourage more people to enjoy the beauty of the sport, specially women and juniors. She has wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to teach spearfishing classes with an emphasis on safety and selectivity.