Robert grew up in the New York City area.  He has always gravitated towards the water, not least because he’s a total klutz he’s less likely to break his arm or leg in the water.  Water sports are generally more forgiving on the body, especially as one grows older, he reasons, and this includes freediving.

Robert squeezed into a used $30 7mm scuba suit to take his first PFI intermediate course in Monterey several years ago.  He then kept coming back to hang out with PFI, so much so that they forced him to take the advanced course, and eventually took the instructor course.

He has taught PFI courses in California, Florida and Hawaii.

Robert genuinely enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge, whether it be about freediving or something else.  He is also a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and has published an article in the Journal of Applied Physiology,

Robert has worked as CEO of Fly Online (in Hawaii, eventually acquired by Travelzoo) and VP of Intellevate (Minneapolis/New Delhi).  He received his JD/MBA (law and business) from UC Berkeley and his BS/BA (biochemistry and philosophy) from Yale University.  He has lived in France, India, Singapore, Egypt, Korea, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Washington and California.

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