Personal Statistics:

Birthdate: December 8th 1984
Resides: Boston, MA
Employment: East Coast Divers, Inc. (


Nick Fazah began his underwater career as a scuba instructor in the Florida Keys. He was first certified as a NAUI/SSI instructor in 2004 at Hall’s Dive Center, then made the move to teach in Boston, MA.  During the first few years he picked up a whole bag of tricks from the very experienced people that East Coast Divers kept on staff.

“There are so many different types of student out there,” Nick said. “With each student comes a different challenge and set of circumstances in which they learn best under. The first couple of years at ECD really molded me to the instructor that I am today.”

Since 2004 Nick picked up his PADI instructor certification as well as earning the title of Instructor Trainer with SDI/TDI.

After a couple of years teaching in Boston Nick moved to the Florida keys and spent a couple of years teaching everything from Open Water to Instructor students. In his spare time he would get away from the dive shop and head out to the reef to get in some spearfishing.

“I loved being in the water, especially out with just a couple of friends spearfishing,” he said. “The challenge of different tactics that comes with hunting and the pushing of ones own personal limits was addictive. I am the kind of person who really likes to know what’s going on while I’m doing it. That’s really what got me thinking about furthering my education about Freediving.”

In October 2010 Nick took his Performance freediving instructor course and has been back up in Boston with ECD since February 2009 and is line to take over the dive center October 1st 2012.

Nick can be contacted for classes at