The love that exists between Julie and the ocean has been obvious as early as when she was 6 months old. She was swept away by an unusually big wave from the coast of Guadeloupe. When her parents rescued her, she was found laughing. That was the first sign that the ocean was calling for her. Since then, she has learned the techniques of breath hold diving and her relationship with the ocean has been further defined as one of mutual love and respect.

“Freediving for me means going back to my roots, to where humans and all earthly creatures originated. It is also a form of meditation, a form of empowerment over my body and my self.”

Julie always has been a natural in the water. She used to spend her summers in lakes and rivers swimming, windsurfing, canoing and later, started scubadiving in Quebec where she was born. When she came to Hawaii, she got certified as a Divemaster and later was introduced to freediving.

When Julie attended her first PFI clinic, she not only discovered a passion but also a talent. The Canadian freediving team invited her to the world championship in Egypt in September 2008 where she started showing her colors. At her second competition, she was already setting a new North American record in the static breath hold discipline.

In addition to being a full time student and being a yoga instructor, Julie has been a certified freediving instructor since summer 2009 and have conceived and built a rig to allow people reach depth in the ocean. She also started her own company named yogafree, where she offers downloads of her yoga videos and where students can register for her freediving classes. You can visit her at

“I am fascinated by how much the human body can adapt to such extremes”.

“Teaching freediving is a way for me to share the love I have for the ocean, a way to show people its incredible beauty and a mean to help preserve it through awareness.”

Julie is offering the following Basic Freediver course dates in Honolulu, HI at various times throughout the year.  Visit for more details, to contact Julie and to register for a Basic Freediver course.