Hawkeye grew up in Vermont, and during the summers, lived on a sailboat (on Lake Champlain) with his family:  sailing, swimming, and fishing.  But it wasn’t until 2003 that Hawkeye discovered freediving in earnest, during a trip to Bonaire.  The connection was immediate and strong.

In the following years, Hawkeye developed his freediving skills, diving regularly with his partner and girlfriend Amanda.  He read everything he could find on freediving, and took basic freediving classes with Carlos Eyles and David Laird.  Then, in early in 2009, Hawkeye took PFI’s Intermediate Freediving class.  The experience was transformative for him:  he took the PFI instructor training course a few months later and started assistant teaching shortly thereafter.

Simply put, Hawkeye loves freediving: the basic pleasure of swimming, moving, and flying underwater; understanding and training the physical and mental sides of the sport; the relaxation and quiet of a good breath-hold; diving with marine animals and exploring underwater ecology; just hanging out and diving with the great people in our freediving community.  His love for diving translates naturally into a passion for helping others learn about freediving.

Hawkeye also works as a software engineer; he and Amanda live in San Francisco.  They get most of their ocean time in the cool kelp forests around Monterey, CA.

2010 Course dates with Hawkeye will be available soon!