Eric was born in February 1968 in France and became a Citizen of the World two month later. Since, he has lived in a good number of countries, mainly inter or tropical ones, which is what he prefers when it comes to water quality for freediving. Currently based in Miami, FL, and an aquaculture engineer by trade, he owns and run a company involved in the shrimp and fish farming industry with activities mainly in Central and South America but occasionally in Europe and Asia too; so for work or for fun, there is always some water with plenty of fish close-by.

While living in the FWI, he started freediving because of spearfishing when 15 and is now a longtimeĀ spearo; but this did not came without some close calls and Eric is the very lucky survivor of a blackout who turned out quite bad.

Thinking after a few years of diving out of a club or an organized structure: “I could take a freedive course, refresh my skills and learn one thing or two”… he joined Performance Freediving as a student in the Miami April 2007 Intermediate course, taught by Mandy and Kirk…. what an experience it proved to be”. He learned, improved and enjoyed it so much that since then, Eric took all the PFI available courses up to Freediver Instructor.

Eric is proud to support PFI scheduled classes in South Florida, occasionally in other regions and can offer the PFI Freediver courses in either, English, Spanish or French. On the rig, he is easy to stop with his orange-head wetsuit. He also is the US importer of the H.Dessault spearfishing and freediving equipments, as well as the President of the Longfins Spearfishing Club, in Broward (Fort Lauderdale) County, where he participate in coaching new spearos.

You can get more information of the Longfins at: www.longfins.netĀ or review the H.Dessault equipments at:

Eric can be contacted by email at: