Performance Freediving has strived to give the best training and opportunities to those individuals with exceptional talent and energy. Throughout it’s inception, Performance Freediving has helped train, nurture and support different members of the freediving community and has welcomed them into the group or team. These team members make up the core of our clinic instructor/educators. Their experience in developing exceptional technique, physical and mental attributes make them the best in the field to learn from.

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PFI Staff Instructors

PFI Staff Instructors consist of a core group of PFI Instructors that travel to our core locations to teach PFI Intermediate Freediver through professional programs.

kirkKirk Krack
PFI Founder / CEO


mandyMandy-Rae Cruickshank
Freediving World Champion/COO




PFI Associate Instructors

PFI Associate Instructors are highly trained PFI instructors that offer PFI Snorkler, Safe Buddy, and Freediver programs separate of the schedule you see on this webiste. They are listed by location and you can click to learn more about the instructor and even email them to get more details on when you can attend one of their programs.


profileGaro Hachigian (Southern CA, USA) – PFI Freediver Instructor and Intermediate Assistant Instructor Operates California Freedive Academy

Erin Magee (Northern CA, USA) – PFI Intermediate Freediver Instructor / US National Record Holder Operates Pacific Coast Freediving

Robert Lee (Bay Area, CA) – PFI Freediver Instructor / PFI Intermediate Assistant Instructor



Jake Bricker (Northern CA)  PFI Freediver Instructor / PFI Intermediate Assistant Instructor Operates Pacific Coast Freediving

hullversonJohn Hullverson (San Francisco/Northern CA) PFI Freediver Instructor / US National Record holder




Shell and seahorseShelby Eisenberg  (Oahu, HI) – PFI Intermediate Instructor

Craig Gentry (Oahu) – PFI Intermediate Instructor/US National Champion

Mauritius Bell (Hilo, HI) – PFI Freediver Instructor


North Carolina

ren_smallRen Chapman – PFI Intermediate Instructor Operates Evolve Freediving

ashley_smallAshley Chapman – PFI Intermediate Freediver Instructor Operates Evolve Freediving



KerryHollowellKerry Hollowell (Greenville, NC) – PFI Freediver Instructor and Intermediate Assistant Instructor

Steve Benson (Greenville, NC) – PFI Freediver Instructor


Ted Harty (Fort Lauderdale) – PFI Freediver Instructor Trainer/ PFI Advanced Freediver Instructor/ US National Record Holder/ 2012 USA Freediving Team Captain/ Coach, Operates Immersion Freediving

Ricardo Paris (Miami) – PFI Freediver Instructor and Intermediate Assistant Instructor, Operates Vortex Freediving


Rodrigo Rodriguez-Novas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor and Intermediate Assistant Instructor, Operates Bliss Freediving


tomgilmore_PFI Thomas Gilmore (Panama Beach, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor Operates Enjoy Ocean Adventures

Bill Van Deman (Apollo Beach, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor Operates Abyss Freediving

Todd Greeberg (La Crosse, WI) – PFI Freediver Instructor, Intermediate Assistant Instructor

Paul Kotik (Plantaion, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor

Ashleigh Baird (Miami, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor and Intermediate Assistant Instructor

Chris Rose (Miami, FL) – PFI Freediver Instructor


Dana Beck-Harder – PFI Freediver Instructor Operates Freedive NYC

Rik Edstrom (Philadelphia, PA) – PFI Freediving Instructor Operates Revolution Freediving


Chris Bustad (Tacoma, WA) – PFI Intermediate Freediver Instructor Operates Phase 3 Freediving


Kevin Sorensen (Lethbridge, AB) – PFI Freediver Instructor Operates Freediving Adventures

Charles Beddoe (Calgary, AB) – PFI Intermediate Freediver Instructor


Jade Leutenegger  (Singapore) – PFI Freediver Instructor


Ryan Reed (Guam) – PFI Freediver Instructor