Personal Statistics:

Birthdate: June 15, 1975

Resides: Seattle, WA

Sean has a long standing passion for adventure. With numerous Ironman triathlons, ultra marathons, and multi-day adventure races under his belt both domestically and internationally, Sean loves exploring the world’s mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, jungles, and deserts both competitively and recreationally. After many years as a scuba diver and divemaster, freediving opened up an entirely new way of experiencing the underwater world for Sean, and he feels very fortunate to be working with the PFI team in sharing freediving with others.

Sean resides near Seattle, WA, and consults with organizations in areas such as strategy, product development, innovation, and infrastructure development both in the US and abroad. He also teaches private yoga lessons and, when he is not traveling, spends as much time as possible exploring the Pacific Northwest’s incredible outdoors.

You can contact Sean at