Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor
Location: Wilmington, NC, USA
Contact:, Phone: (205) 478-7897

Sam Blount began diving at a young age with his dad in a lake and that sparked a life long love of being in the water. A few years later he took his first scuba class at the age of 12 and was hooked. He moved to Key Largo FL and continued to dive every change he could. However a few years later he found a book sitting on a book shelf at a friends house. The name of the book was Bluewater Hunting and Freediving by Terry Mass. He must have read the book cover to cover ten times over the next few months as his love of freediving took over.

He started training on dry land and his static quickly jumped to three minutes. Being young and having no friends to dive with his dream faded and he started getting into other hobbies and diving became a memory. 

Fast forward to September 2012 Fresh off his first deployment in the Marine Corps and living on the coast of North Carolina he was invited on a spearfishing trip. He took the opportunity and was hooked by the hard and fast paces diving he experienced. The bug was back and he trained hard diving every chance he got. He started hunting 80’ with no formal training soon realizing how unsafe this was he took his first class with Ted Harty.

He was amazed at the amount he learned in just 4 short days. The techniques made spearfishing easier, much more enjoyable, and much much safer.

After getting out of the Marine Corps he went to school at UNCW unsure of quite where he wanted to go in life. Im may 2015 he took the PFI instructor Course with Ted Harty and he realized how much he enjoyed teaching.

He now is offering classes In Wilmington, NC in 2015.
In 2016 he expects to expand to Jackson Wyoming, Jaco Costa Rica, and South Andros Bahamas.