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Employment: PFI Instructor and Operations manager
Resides In: Campbell River, BC Canada
Mandy is a highly motivated and determined female athlete with a great sense of humor. She has developed an excellent understanding of the diving industry during her 22 years working professionally within it as both a PFI Instructor and a PADI Course Director and is well respected.

Since learning to freedive in 2000, Mandy-Rae has attained 13 Canadian National records, finished first place with her Canadian women’s team in two AIDA World Championships and has gone on to hold 7 World Records.

Mandy-Rae was part of the OPS Team in the Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove.  Was a mermaid in the movie The Mermaids Chair.  She is also a proud member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Physiological Measurements/Advantages

The following physiological statistics were established December 13th, 2000 during testing at Simon Fraser University with Dr. Erik Seedhouse and Dr. Andrew Blaber for an on-going freediving research study entitled Psychophysiological Testing of Novice and Elite Freedivers. It’s important to bear in mind that many of the measurements will increase dramatically during a training cycle.

Vital Capacity of 5.86L, 47% above average of 3.97L
Functional VC of 6.60L, 66% above average of 3.96L
VO2 Max of 49 ml/kg/min
Equalization by swallowing head down
Body physiology good for high endurance training
Static apnea 6:25
Dynamic Apnea 131 meters
Dynamic Apnea w/o fins 100m
Constant Ballast 78 meters
Constant Ballast No-Fins 50m
Free Immersion 74m
No-limits 136 meters
Diving History

Performance Freediving Instructor since 2001
Has held 7 World Records and 13 Canadian National Records
Member of Team Canada since 2000 and helped the women’s team to two first place finishes and four third place finishes
Was a competitive syncronized swimmer

Began scuba diving in 1985, became an instructor in 1994 and a PADI Course Director in 2000
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