Name: Lance Lee Davis
Level: Freediver Instructor
Phone: 310-266-1093
Location: CA USA

Born in Singapore, Lance has been swimming in the ocean since infancy.  He came to the USA at the age of 5 and started his competitive swimming career soon after, putting in 11 years at club, state, national, and college levels.  He trained alongside Olympic swimmers as an adolescent and as a summer lifeguard taught hundreds of kids and adults how to swim.  This early exposure shaped much of his later freediving philosophy and taught him the importance of training, conditioning, and technique.

After some years of competitive apnea and spearfishing, including wins at national freediving competitions and one Guinness World Record (‘Most Consecutive Underwater Somersaults on a Single Breath’), Lance realized that he had gaps in his training, specifically in regards to safety, and he began to train with PFI.  He finished his PFI instructor training in early 2017, and at the conclusion of the program in Kona, surpassed the US Men’s National constant no fins record with a dive of 72M (

Based in Los Angeles, he works on both sides of the camera in film and TV.  He has appeared as a swimmer/freediver in advertising for Speedo, Nike, Ballantine’s, Hyundai and others.  In his free time he is an avid spearfisherman and looks forward to working with PFI students and family.