Name: Katie Klosterman


Instagram: @katieklosterman

I grew up in and around water. If I was not playing in the surf as child I was competitively swimming in a pool.   Getting older I became a well rounded athlete and competitor, have received many certifications in various displaces including- indoor cycling, Hot Power Fusion Yoga, Swim instructor, Lifeguard- including AED,02, Blood born pathogens, infant and child rescue, on land –TECC- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, specifically for combat and military training. I hold my Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certs for Scuba.  All of these courses have prepped me for Freediving. I am an avid and strict instructor when it comes to safety. Taking the PFI instructor’s courses- (which is aligned with DAN DEMP program/ NAUI program) gave me the confidence in my decision to choose PFI. My vision paralleled what they educated their staff and students in both out and in the water. Equally holding everyone to the hardest and best safety regulations/ simulations.

I was quickly reminded of this when I went to Deja Blue 8, competed in my first Freedive competition, surprising myself I placed third in my first comp ever! I more than doubled all of my PR’s and was hooked into competition. I felt more than comfortable reaching outside my limits because of the quality of care provided. This is something I want to make sure my students always feel with me, safe and comfortable to be able to confidently reach new PR’s and get excited about being in the water.

I also have worked along with Special Olympics of 9 years in various events and tournaments as both a personal aid and team leader- I hope to obtain my adaptive freediver training soon. Therefore I can expand my knowledge out to a wider group of divers. I have been involved in many different volunteer organizations and out reach programs. I love to talk! Feel free to ask questions take a class and get in touch and see what class works for you.

When I am not diving I can be found training, in the pool or ocean, spear fishing in Baja or enjoying the outdoors in the company of family and friends.