Name: Ian Almasi
Level: Freediver Instructor
Phone: +1 (425) 923 9824
Facebook: Ian Almasi
Location: Washington State

It took a lot of conviction to make my favorite thing a lifestyle. For a long time dive shops who had no idea what this sport to was about telling me: “There is no point in doing that.” Despite being shot down. I didn’t quit. As I was leaving home to travel I stumbled across the opportunity to take a PFI course in my home state of Washington. And I’m so glad I did! For as much as I struggled throughout my career as an apneist it has all been worth it.

I didn’t really know myself as a diver until competing just kind of fell into my lap by chance. I took a jaunt to Chile and connected with the Solo Apnea Freediving team and they changed my life forever. My first opportunity to train was well embraced as they were getting ready for a competition I would later compete in. Timing is crazy huh! I was hooked. I later went on to do my first depth competition on the north coast of Colombia in the same timeframe. All the comp stuff blew me away with how fast you can progress with proper safety and consistency in training. I doubled my personal bests and set more in disciplines I had never even tried. Sometimes the stars just align. I realized a solid foundation that had been built with PFI was what lead me to my success. I still think it’s really cool the only American/PFI diver won third place in their first competition. You just can’t argue with results. So I went back to PFI after some time away.

I was also lucky enough to find a freedive magazine to catalog my travels of freediving with whoever wants to tune in. Feel free t check it out at:

I later went on to compete in Deja Blue, and being around all the PFI professionals there made me realize this was the organization that lined up most closely to my beliefs towards training and safety. So I took the leap to become a PFI intructor and here I am!

Although not everyone wants to compete in freediving… This is a sport many people can find their niche within. And I hope to make the world of freediving a safer place for everybody.

All the best, and I hope to freedive with all of you someday!