Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor
Location: Vero Beach, FL, USA

Gaylin Gates has been a dive instructor since 1993, specializing in freediving, dive rescue, safety and underwater photography. An avid freediver and certified Performance Freediving International instructor, Gaylin offers freediving and scuba courses through Deep Six Dive and Watersports in Vero Beach, Stuart and West Palm Beach, FL.

“When I became a scuba diving instructor, I kept myself up-to-date on diving topics by taking continuing education courses annually. But after 17 years of teaching scuba classes, I started to run out of continuing education courses until a chance meeting with Kirk and Mandy-Rae at a trade show. Taking the PFI Intermediate Freediver course was a complete change of paradigm for me.

“It’s a widely held belief among scuba instructors, that freediving cannot be taught. Performance Freediving courses completely crush that idea.  I was so impressed with the PFI teaching methodology and especially the safety protocol developed by PFI that I made it my personal mission to develop safer freedivers by teaching PFI courses myself. Once I started, I couldn’t stop taking PFI courses until I was certified as a Performance Freediving Instructor.”

Besides teaching at Deep Six Dive & Watersports in Vero Beach Florida, Gaylin has worked as an instructor in the Bahamas, St Croix and the Philippines. Divers Alert Network has certified Gaylin as a Diving Emergency Specialist Instructor, their highest rating for instructors. In addition to freediving and scuba courses, he is an Emergency First Response CPR & First Aid Instructor Trainer and offers courses from basic CPR & First Aid to CPR for Healthcare Professionals. His photographs have been featured in local newspapers and regional magazines in the southeastern US and California. Gaylin graduated from West Point with a degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences (physics and electrical engineering) and is a veteran of the US Army.



Introduction to Freediving,

Freediving Safe Buddy Course

Performance Snorkeler.


Underwater Photography

Dry Suit

Underwater Videographer

Fish Identification

Tec Rec Gas Blender

Coral Reef Conservation


Deep Diver

Equipment Specialist

Underwater Naturalist

Night Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Search & Recovery

Wreck Diver

Emergency First Responder (EFR):

EFR Instructor Primary and Secondary Care (CPR & First Aid).

AED & Emergency Oxygen

Care for Children w/AED  Care For Children

Divers Alert Network:

Diving Emergency Management Provider

Diving Emergency Specialist

Emergency Oxygen for Scuba

Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Neurological Assessment

CPR: Health Care Provider