Garo Hachigian

Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor, Assistant Intermediate Freediver Instructor, Assistant Breath-Hold Survival Instructor
Location: San Diego, CA USA
Company: California Freedive Academy (
Contact: Phone: 619-430-4466 Email: garo@californiafreediveacademy

When it comes to freedive instructors, experience matters.

Garo Hachigian is the owner and founder of Gannet Dive Company USA. He has been breath-hold diving / spearfishing for over 35 years, has been a head competition safety supervisor for nearly a decade, and has trained US Naval Special Warfare units in the PFI Breath-Hold Special operations program.

From Garo.

I have, since I can recall, had an insatiable appetite for all knowledge regarding things in the ocean, and the ocean herself.  I was born in coastal Rhode Island and spent most of my summers in and around the cold waters of New England. I can’t remember when I first donned a mask and snorkel, but when my father gave me my first pole spear at the age of 6 I was changed forever.

I have spent years honing my dive skills, perfecting my speargun designs, and studying culinary techniques. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than submerging myself in the ocean to bring back something to feed my close friends and family with.   Such an action is elemental and timeless.

I have hunted the oceans practically my whole life, all the while promoting conservation and sustainability.  Throughout, no matter where my life has taken me, my abiding passion remains the ocean and her many moods.