Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor TRainer & Breath-Hold Surf Survival Instructor
Location: Tacoma/Seattle Washington, USA
Contact: 253-312-4397

Chris Bustad was born and raised in Washington State, living at one time or another on both sides of the mountains. Having joined the US Coast Guard right out of high school, he was an Electrician’s Mate and also served as a Cutter Rescue Swimmer. In 2004 Chris became a certified SCUBA diver, and continued on to become a Divemaster.

In 2006 he went to the Diver’s Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA where he was class president and graduated top of his class. Chris worked for 3 years as a commercial diver, and decided to spend more time at home. Later, he started working for a local dive shop and became interested in freediving, needing something with more of a personal challenge feel. He had certainly found it. After freediving with buddies here and there and doing more research, Chris decided that he needed to get some formal training. After further research, PFI was the agency that most closely fit his philosophy and style.

In Sept 2012 Chris took PFI’s Intermediate Freediver Course, taught by Kirk Krack and Rodrigo Novas. That following June, he took it as a refresher, again being taught by Kirk and this time Shell Eisenberg. He was so thoroughly impressed by all of the instructors, Chris knew that he wanted to be a part of the PFI family. Kirk invited Chris to come to Hawaii for the Advanced, Safety Supervisor, Assistant Instructor, and Instructor Exam. Chris signed up immediately.

Getting to train in Hawaii under Kirk, Shell, plus Ren and Ashley Chapman was an experience of a lifetime for Chris, and he knew he made the right decision. Chris is proud to be a PFI Instructor now, and truly enjoys sharing his profound passion for the ocean and the sport with PFI’s teaching methods.