Instructor Level: Intermediate Freediver Instructor
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Birthday – Sept 2nd 1987
Resides – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Charles was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta surrounded by a wonderful landscape for activity. Though most would choose to reach the top of the Rocky Mountains, Charles decided to go underwater.

It was a family vacation at the tender age of 7 years old that began the spark that would ignite a fire for the life aquatic.

Once out of school Charles began working in a local dive shop. His love affair with diving would soon turn into an obsession. Logging an average of 130 dives per year, Charles quickly became familiar with all of the local dive spots. When he wasn’t working at the dive shop or out diving, he was in a pool swimming. It was during these pool session Charles discovered breath-holding and soon turned his sights to freediving. Shortly after completing the PFI course he decided to take on the competitive side of freediving.  Within a year he was diving to a depth of 70m and able to do a +6 minute breath-hold and in 2008, was the Men’s National Freediving Champion.

Continuing to train and compete, Charles enrolled in one of the first PFI Basic Instructor course in 2009.

With his passion for teaching and love for freediving he currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, targeting other niche communities such as yoga, swimming, and music to introduce the benefits of freediving too.