Instructor Level: Freediver Instructor
Location: Miami, FL, USA

Born and raised in central Florida, my family and I spent many years criss-crossing the state in search of beaches, islands and fresh water springs to play in.  It was from these early experiences that gave rise to my love for being in and under the water.

It wasn’t until 2009 that I discovered my dreams of diving deeper and longer were shared by others, and that it in fact was an organised sport.  I immediately signed up for my first course with Performance Freediving and was not only blown away by everything I learned, but also by how much improvement I had made in such a short time.  I was hooked.

Since taking those first courses, I have built upon my skills and knowledge by taking part in PFI’s annual freedive competition, Deja Blue – and most recently, I had the honor of being a part of the 2014 US National Freediving Team.  I am very excited to apply what I’ve learned from fellow competitors, and I cannot wait to see what results I can achieve in future events!