Meet PFI Instructor and Frontline Freediving Owner Sam Blount

This month’s PFI Profile features PFI Freediving Instructor Sam Blount, proprietor of Front Line Freediving based in Wilmington, North Carolina (and occasionally at Jenny Lake at the base of the Teton Mountain range in Wyoming).

Sam first got interested in freediving and spearfishing after reading Terry Maas’s seminal book Blue Water Hunter when he was young, but he got really serious about it in 2012 when he was stationed in North Carolina in the Marine Corps.

Sam dove and speared fish off Wilmington and became addicted to the challenge and adventure of our sport. He took his first class in 2012, an Intermediate course with Ted Harty of Immersion Freediving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That experience opened up a whole new world to Sam as far as what he could achieve in freediving and spearfishing and he couldn’t stop thinking about how to take his skills to the next level.

In the meantime Sam was studying at University of North Carolina Wilmington, but after his time in the service as a Marine Corps machine gunner, Sam admits that at UNCW he found himself “bored out of my mind.”

A sure remedy for that, thought, was to enroll in a PFI Professional Instructor Course which was again taught by Ted Harty. Sam earned his instructor certification if May 2015 and started his own freedive/spearfishing company called Front Line Freediving based in Wilmington, NC, through which Sam teaches PFI certified courses up to the Freediver level.

Since starting Front Line, Sam has trained scores of Freedivers, a fair portion of which are current Military, Veterans, EMS, and Fire Fighters. The dedication to honor those who serve us all on the front lines is where Sam came up with the name for his company. He’s proud to serve those who serve us all, and he even offers a discount to students in these fields in hopes of making freediving more accessible.

Along those lines, Sam took the training and knowledge he gained in the Marines in the area of trauma care and treatment and created a specialized trauma kit designed specifically for spearfishing and the dangers encountered in the aquatic environment. It’s a personal trauma kit that suited for activities ranging from freediving and spearfishing to leisure boating, white water rafting, etc. You can check out Sam’s kits which are available for sale here

In his spare time, Sam has used his freediving capabilities to become very interested in underwater photography and videography. He spends most of his time these days capturing his and his friends’ adventures on film and video.

And just to keep things geographically interesting, Sam takes his talents to his family’s ranch in Wyoming a few times a year to hunt and fish and also teach freediving courses at the beautiful Jenny Lake at the base of the Grand Tetons! That certainly leads to some interesting views when you come up from a dive!

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